Monday, February 9, 2009

Wine me, dine me, Over the Rhine me...

I can't really post long here tonight. As yesterday I really did nothing. My major achievement was moving from not feeling good in bed, to not feeling good on the couch. [& being depressed about it]

However, though the feeling bad [having nose & eye problems] began a bit on Sat. night...
I still got to go on a date with my blond [that would be my wife].
We walked for supper, in Carlisle, had time to unplug from everyone but each other. And got to sit in perfect seats for Over the Rhine. This was our first time to see the group, comprised [primarily] of Karin Bergquist & Linford Detweiler. First concert where they served not just beer, but wine. Intriguing. It was wonderful. Upright & electric bass, Karin played: acoustic guitar, piano, & a cookie sheet [on "Don't Wait for Tom"]. She is the lead vocalist. I am kind of embarassed to describe her singing like this, but honestly, I've never heard a singer sing in such a way as to sound like she's "making love" to a microphone. Her voice sounds so, lovingly sung into it. She really sounds like she's singing to just Linford. [her husband] She sings lyrics that are: desparate/ confessional/ love [sometimes enough to make you blush, but never what some would call "adult" or graphicly so]. I love the way they write. They also have a comical side -as well as a playful side- both were on display on Sat. They were a 5 piece on Sat. Joined by a fenominal bass player, drummer, & electric guitarist. Linford is poet, keyboard/piano, bass, & guitar player. I loved him reaching over Karin's shoulder to make an adjustment to the piano settings, & her playful glance back at him. [& hushed "thanks dear"]
Over the Rhine is a favorite band for me for many reasons, Jazzy, Mick likes them, husband & wife group... I consider them one of my "inpiring art bands". I have been writing a good bit more since. [they really get the poetry flowing for me, for some reason]
The venue was wonderful. Run by nice people [who couldn't figure out why I had no coat on... "ah, I've heard this one before"] Karin's voice washing away the day, & wisking us to a romantic land. Linford reminding me that it's been too long since I've heard Mom "tickle the ivories". Thier lyrics an equal mix of bowing before THE Lover, & enjoying setting next to my love. [not feeling guilty about either.] Reminding me that I do really love poetry. [& that God is the consumate poet]. Well, I guess I should go... I'm jumping for random points of conversation to others. So, I need to rest...
I'll leave you with the words from 2 of the many songs they did
[all written by Bergquist & Detweiler]

Hush Now {Stella's Tarantella}
Hush now
my sweet
little noisy boy
There is trouble enough
in the world
Pick up your feet
little lazy boy
Come dance
with your
little girl

Spin me
'round this kitchen floor
Like a carnaval
I know
only two-bit clowns
In a one

But make me a
little bit
dizzy boy
Swing me
on your trapeze
When I'm
in the arms
of my
dreamy boy
It still makes me weak
in the knees

Right here
on this record player
Is our scratchy song
We're alone
Slide trombones
like an orchestra
Full of

Come now
my sweet little
breathing boy
I'm listening hard
to your heart
It's as strong
as a lion's boy
Let's leave here and make a new start

I remember once you said
Lying in this bed
The past is dead
is a one-act play

[one of my favorites]
was born to laugh
I learned
to laugh
though my tears
was born to love
I'm gonna learn
to love
without fear

Pour me
a glass of wine
Talk deep
into the night
Who knows
what we'll find

The Holy Ghost
haunting you
Whatever you got
I don't mind

Put your elbows
on the table
I'll listen long as I am able
There's nowhere
I'd rather be

Secret fears,
the supernatural
Thank God
for this new laughter
Thank God
the joke's on me

We've seen
the landfill rainbow
We've seen
the junkyard of love
Baby it's no place
for you and me

was born to laugh
I learned to laugh
through my tears
was born to love
I'm gonna learn
to love
without fear

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