Monday, February 23, 2009

"color poems" [blue]

L.L. Barkat is creating these little "games" [can I call them games?] for writers. "Poem Challenges" might seem better. So I will attempt to encourage a friend & write one at the same time.
[btw, this title is borrowed from a wonderful song by Paul McCartney]
Why so Blue?
i hear how you are
it saddens me so
I think
i may know
why your blue
please don't be
so hard on yourself
there are more people
than you probably know
who are cheering for you
praying, too
We wait
with great
for whatever
you end up
doing next
and praying
you'll share it
"the rest of the class"
why so blue?
creative little you
is a nice color
used to be my favorite
but blue
is the wrong crayon
when painting
your mood
I wish
you could see you
as the rest
of us do
you are so creative
so encouraging
please tell us
let us know
do we
to encourage you?
why so blue?
[we love you... do you even know?]

As I stated, this is kinda written for 2 people that I know.
I wrote a few "red" ones...
We'll see if I have the guts to share any...


L.L. Barkat said...


I hope your friends feel encouraged. I would, if this were for me.

Red? You wrote red poems? Ohh.... please... be brave.

Bought as is said...

Thanks for your encouragement. The red ones are... well, they are about abuse. [and the barriers that it can create between abused people, & those who love them] I have friends who have been abused. So, the poems are graphic, & personal... like "Scarlet Red".
I'll think about it. [I don't know what I'd preface them with, either.]

L.L. Barkat said...

I understand. Writing about abuse is a delicate matter. If you post, let me know.

(On another note, I never play the little game of "what does the word verification word say" but this is too apt... it says "prefred", as if to say i prefer red. Apt.)