Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beginning Lent

Last night I got to experience "The Labyrinth, a Sacred Space" @ LW. Though they seem to not be calling it The Labyrinth anymore. There has been at least one time when it didn't follow a Labyrinth "structurally". So I understand why they might not be calling it that anymore.
It does free up the artists who create the space to create more freely, "a space" as opposed to always making a path for you to follow. -though that has always been, even though you are free -even encouraged- to move about the space as you feel God speaking to you. Spending more time in one room than another. Perhaps even spending all of your time in one room. I may spend all of one of my visits in one room. [I typically go 2 times in a given year]
For me [if I may "wax poetic" for a moment] Stepping into the Labyrinth... is stepping... inside God. I feel Him "on me" in a way that can best be described as jumping into the ocean. [Ala cliff diving into it.] Everything feels different. There is a smell. No, not a smell that is put into the room. A familiar smell. The scent of God. It is also a time of brutal honesty. Sharing frustration. You know, "taking the gloves off", as it were. Of saying, again, "God, I know You too well to be mad at You. ...but not well enough to know what You're doing."

This year my growth group went. The Labyrinth. In a group. My friend I told said it best: "Ick". This is a very private time with God. Very personal, "you & God" thing.
However, I had never done it as a group. I'll try a lot of things, once. We ended up going by ourselves, at our own pace. Just meeting beforehand, then spacing out, so as not to be too crowded. Encouraged to enjoy it at our own pace. Don't feel forced to act/ think/ be any certain way [other than respectful & quiet for others]. It went very well. I so loved it. I moved into a more free place with it this year. I actually laid down on the floor in one room. [I never felt comfortable doing that previously] I wrote feverishly in about 4 rooms. I even wrote a poem in one room. [just sorta "came out".]
I think I may go back & delve into these 4 rooms a bit deeper. A friend [who is involved in creating the space] told me she thought I'd love one room... I have to admit, each of the rooms I liked, made me think, if only for a moment, "this one?". But then I saw a sign in one room, the moment I saw it... I instantly smiled, & thought of her. I tried to wipe that smile off, gave up, & breathed a prayer of thanks for my friend. [I may, in the coming weeks, post more "in depth" about what I got out of this room & the 3 others.]
Well, I must go, for now. I plan to post another color poem. But I have to figure out how to preface the thing first.

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