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25+ random things about me… [longer version]

I have a few ideas/ goals that I'm going to try to begin on here. So, with that in mind this is my beginning point. Not how I envisioned it, but here goes. This showed up on Facebook the other day, & afterward one called "One Word". So, I'll be starting with these & afterward going into a few of my own...

25 Random Things About Me
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to the "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

1. I got to go to France twice, took my wife the second time [Julie's wedding] & we went to Paris [I've also been to Canada, Switzerland, & England -if the airport counts] I'll try to put a few pix up on the photo blog. [of: the wedding, Paris, & where my Aunt & Unlce lived -De Chateau de St. Albain
2. I love to drive, my Jetta is my favorite car. [it makes me think of my artistic, snowboarding friend, Scott. Miss you Scott, who will help me get a board & boots?] my buddy Scott [aka "Spot, the finely groomed mutt"]
3. ...people knew me before either of us came to LW ...those people would be: Jack Dyson, Ed Korver, & Iva [her maiden name was Stiles]
4. I hate: sharing like this/ being the center of attention/ crowds [but I love reading these & hearing others share about themselves] some of my decision to try to post about myself is my enjoyment of learning about friends on facebook & learning about [& from at the same time] deAnn.
5. I have cliff dived, rock climbed, & repelled. [still not really afraid of being up high… it’s the rapid, sudden decent that gets me] there's an embarrassing video somewhere of me "freaking out" while repelling. The guy was all panicked & yelling at me so I yelled back.
6. I love snow [& pretty much anything that gets me out into it] there are a precious few times I don't like snow...
7. I write poetry, “dabble” in drawing, have stumbled into photography… -all of which I have put examples of here.
8. I love to hike [ out in nature, the mountains] this usually ends up with me writing poetry, writing in my journal, delving deeply into reflection, & prayer to God
9. I love watching people. People are poetry in motion. [I think humans are the sculptures of God] I've said much of this here before.
10. I love music [this could have at least a list of 25 things to it]... so much so, that I've thought of doing a music blog.
11. The first instrument I learned was the trumpet [quit, my lips split –bad], then guitar. [I’ve “fiddled around with”: piano/ organ [mom has one], bass, dulcimer [lap & pluck], keyboard… would love to have time & $$ to learn to play a Chapman Stick.] I have what my Mother calls "an ear for sound". This is where doing voices comes from. I was told [long ago, when I was braver/ stupider] that I even can sing like other people [I will -of course- never prove this]
12. The list of jobs I’ve had, is probably longer than this list. [twice as long?] maybe I'll try to post a list here someday.
13. I have met many of the musicians that I’ve liked over the years. [the ones that still stick with me as memorable are: King’s X, Iona, & Rich Mullins]
14. as for “doing voices”… no, I don’t know how I do it. [I only know I can by the reaction I get from others hearing me do it]
15. I like martial arts [especially Cnctema]. It teaches you that your greatest enemy… is you [everyone else who fights you eventually goes away]
16. oddly, I am an only child. My Dad, is 1 of 8. [the only 1 who had only 1, so when the Noll's get together it's kind of like being @ LW on a Sunday only with a few less people] ...can I be honest? [I'd never tell my Mom this] but... I have times where I wish I had a brother & sister or 2. But even opening up on a blog is really hard for me. I wrote 3 versions of this before I agonized over even publishing it.
17. around 1990 I stopped going to church & thought I'd never go back [5 years later, I went to LW] Mick got me to try churches, Living Word [LW] was the first church we tried. LW feels like home, I mean... like a dream home. [I'll post more about this later, as well as...]
18. when I moved to York, my friends thought I moved to New York [no... I moved to the old one. Weird thing is, I only moved from Lititz] I lived in Lititz from the age of 3 to the age of 13]
19. long before texting, I puzzled a teacher I had [& Mom] "...Brian, what does idk mean?" "why did you put 'I don't Know' for an answer?" "I didn't want to lie. I knew I didn't know what the answer was."
20. As a child I had no dominant hand [did everything with both]. My Dad had dreams of me being the first ambidextrous pitcher. [yeah, that didn't happen -obviously] you would have loved watching me eat... one bite left hand, next bite right hand. my reaching for the fork each time was the comical part. I got held back a year for this, so I graduated in 1990. [form York County Vo-Tech, if it matters]
21. TV right now, NCIS & The Unit [love stuff with good humor in it & crafty/ imaginative dialogue writing in it]... to do deAnn's "what's in your video recorder?" NCIS, One Tree Hill, Sometimes Criminal Minds [love some of the quotes], Sometimes CSI, Numbers off 'n on. [but, I watch too much TV!]
22. Since G. I. Joe will come out later this year, my fav. was Snake-Eyes. I seem to be able to be as "stealth" as he is. Once while playing capture the flag, I was hiding in the bushes. Got stepped on -& the person still had no idea I was there.
23. I've had at least 2 accidents where I should have died [in a car, ran over by a 16 wheeler. and almost electrocuted] I may post about these 2 incidents at a later time, God really was keeping me alive through these. It seems Sci-fi when I think about all that He handled
24. I've also had almost enough stitches to make a major league base ball. I cut myself so many times I went to concentra & they just said "right or left?" none of these where on purpose, mind you. with all that my poor body has been subject to, I'm amazed that God was kind enough to not let the hideous scars be permanent. I have a few scars, but they are small, considering. [The electric shock one I had a pink, lazer like burn mark down the side of my face for months.]
25. truthfully, even I don’t know why I can learn electronics stuff just by taking & playing with it. [I rarely use a manual. When I do it’s to figure out what else it can do]
26. I guess I enjoy baking more than cooking, but not by much [alas, I do neither very much right now] ...I was a cook at Cracker Barrel, for a short time.
...27. I've lived in 6 houses. [all in PA, 2 in Lititz]
28. the furthest West I've been: Wyoming [summer camp with YAF Fishnet]
furthest north: Canada [during a national holiday, didn't see much. was staying in Stowe Vermont]
furthest south: Florida [stayed with my Dad's parents -who lived there over the winter, went to Disney, got out of school. A year later got chicken pox]
Furthest east: Switzerland [we parked -NO LIE- under a water fountain! -that was in the middle of a man made pond of sorts. this was while staying "Au Chateu" -1st trip]
Highest up: Top of Le Mon Blanc [which is French for "The Mountain White"] ...& yes this would be the 1 & only time I wore a heavy winter coat -in the summertime! It's a glacier on top. While it is named "En Francais " [in French], it is geographically in the Swiss Alps.

I'm going to stop here, at least stop with the numbering post framework. I'll try to continue in 1 of 2 ways. Posting about me & the "tamer" parts of my story, perhaps even try my hand at creating something like this or the "One Word" thing.

Ok... so I have a friend or 2 that are therapists. And I got 3 good ideas from them. You may not want to share these with me [or anyone else]. But if you share a bit with me I might share a bit of my answers to these on here back to you. Here they are, I think they are cool things to do....
"The Miracle Question"
If a miracle happened tonight [while I was asleep] what would my life look like?

#2. Write a letter to yourself, from the future...
[any point in the future, a year, 5, 10,...]
how did you get to "where you are"? what would you want to tell yourself about life now?
#3 was creating a list of goals [& a timeline of sorts as to : "get this done by March 1st" type deal]

[to borrow from SNL, when Chevy Chase was the "weekend update person"...]
"that's the news... I'm Brian Noll -& your not"

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