Monday, February 2, 2009


One of the blogs I'm glad I've found is Seedlings in stone. On it L.L. has given a few ideas [dares?] to borrow, partially write, or re-write one of her poems.
So here is a stab at one of the ideas...

If memories were sparrows…

If memories were sparrows,
Sometimes my sky would be so thick with them
That they would blot out the sun.
…other days
There would barely be one.
Some days they would make
“My sky” seem so much warmer
As if lit by the summer sun.
Other days it would be bitter cold
[& very dark]
No fun

Most of my “sparrows”
Would be very kind, & friendly…
But there are those
Who are my enemy…
A nuisance
A pest
Don’t play very well
With the rest.
I’m learning
[As I continue traveling]
How to live with
& make peace with them.
They are not me
They are not
The only things
Others see
When they look at me

I know one day
These “darker ones”
Will fly away
Never to be heard form again
They will not be remembered
Or looked for.
There will only be
The warm ones
That’ll come out
To play
& new birds
To fly in a new sky
Over a new world
The masterpiece will be restored
I’ll even be a part of it
[…& yes, it will be good]

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