Friday, February 20, 2009

Diggin' It ...part 2 [DKB live]

I don't know why I like this photo [above], just do. My friend Joe emailed me about a week ago & said "Donnie's playing a gig at Beyond Coffee. It's right down from your place." So I had to go.

This is the acoustic he used tonight. I haven't seen it before, but he had it during his days gigging with Burning Blue [a band he helped start, I think].
The picture below reminds me of us "jamming" in my parent's basement. Joking around, talking about things. And him jamming all the while. I've always liked Donnie's soloing. [& his tone]
Tonight was no exception. He & his Bass player had really good harmony vocals going on. He knows how much I love good, tight group vocals. They sang so well. Added their own touch to a southern gospel number [I'll fly away]. I'd love for them to record it. His solos tonight were every bit as intoxicating as they've always been. It was always fun to watch his fingers dance across the fretboard. Coaxing conversations out of his instrument.
It was great to be cheering him on with Mick, Joe, & Scott [Snyder, the other Scott from high school]. I'm just realizing that Joe, Scott, Donnie, & myself all went to Vo-Tech together. [Donnie is a few years younger than the rest of us, & the only one who didn't take electronics. He took cabinet making]

Guitars have fascinated me for a very long time now. I started learning just after high school. [took lessons for 10 years.] I'll have to get one of mine out tomorrow & see if I can coax a broken, stumbling rendition of "Michelle" by the Beatles out of it. Maybe run through some picking exercises from memory.

Well, I must be off for now...

Currently listening to: Donnie & me Jamming [a "bootleg" of sorts live from the basement, fun times]

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