Tuesday, September 30, 2008

multi tasking

Ok... so I'm now on facebook. [as ...like ...me]
So... as I tried to type on facebook moments ago...

I am currently
#1. paying bills
#2. listening to Infrared Roses [among other "spaces"] by The Grateful Dead
#3. figuring out how to separate my "friends" on facebook into manageable sections so as to not have ...like 20 responses to "being friends" on facebook when I've been friends for years with them [well, some of them, anyway] face to face.
#4 checking the tape I'm "taping TV with" to watch at some fictitious point in the future, you know, "when I have time". I did, however, "give in" to one show I like to watch, NCIS. That & "The Unit" are 2 shows I kind of keep up with more than others.

I multi task a bit. I have a thousand things in my head that I want to have already done, but sadly haven't yet. I recently found out that my worst allergy season is... this one.

[switching gears a bit]
This is a slight apology to anyone who knows me & wondered why I put "them" in as my friends & not you, I'm just trying to manage things here a bit. [& sadly I'm not doing very well at it.]

So, if you see me in your "this could be a friend of yours" "column", & want to add Brian Noll
hey, that's cool. You'll know it's me because there will be a few pictures of France & some fractals as my 2 "photo albums" on there. ...and, of course, no picture of me. I hate every picture ever taken of me. [to the dismay of my Mother] How-some-ever, it is a "thing I am working on fixing" [one of the many, as previously stated] ...so who knows?
I must go, I'm working on an email to a friend as well. I'm putting together some poems I've written over the summer [that I will send] & maybe a photo that she could possibly use.

in closing, as Colonel Ryan [the unit] once said:
"have a good 'n"

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