Thursday, September 25, 2008

A hero, mirrors THE hero

I am attracted to heroes more than I used to be.
...yeah, the DC, Marvel heroes.
I feel a connection to them.
I feel a connection between them & Jesus. Tonight [for whatever weird reason] I watched "Smallville" -Superman, the teenage/ young adult years. I'm half watching as I'm trying to set up the DVD/VCR to tape Grey's Anatomy for my wife. On a side note, I have a love/hate relationship to "doing it for her". I like people learning how to do it on their own. They feel smart, perhaps smarter. I like people learning how to think, not what to think. Being needed is nice, but being wanted is devine. It means [or says] we can live without you... but we don't want to.

Ok... back to comics, childhood for some of us. Tonight, for the second time, as I watched a superhero... I saw THE hero in the hero. Again, near the end of the show, "Clark" reaches out to a girl who can "throw fits"... & the planet shakes, & she can make things explode. Clark reaches his hand out, & she says to him "how can you be nice to me? ...after all I've done?" Clark: "You didn't know any better. You listened to the wrong poeple. Come, I will help you learn to use your gifts... for the benefit of others."
...why does this sound like a book that's been around, a lot longer than comics have?
He goes on to say that we all have secrets. Things we don't tell anyone. Gifts that we are afraid to share. What will people think? will they think I need to be locked away? Will they run away? ...or will they want to "study me" like I'm some kind of "neat anomaly"? Or will they simply laugh... "ya call that art? wow... you don't know much about art, do ya? ...I've seen art, & that isn't art."
If you are human, someone does say that to you [just like I hear it].
...thing is, it isn't who I think should say it. It isn't my friends, isn't my parents [but we sadly write our parents off in these matters... unless they actually do say nasty things like that], ...& Jesus certainly does not say that. You will never read in the Bible: "...and God said: 'oops ...I didn't mean to do that. I didn't mean to make them"
So... [don't know about you] why do I live like He does say things like that? ...and how do I stop?
How do I let Jesus [in my own life] walk in as Wolverine. I eluded to another scene, in a superhero story. It's my favorite. I almost lost it in the theater, & cry every time I watch it on disc. To me, it is a comic book, personalized, Good Friday. I talked about it to a friend. After seeing X3: The Last Stand, I emailed him. I titled it "Jesus as Wolverine". The chapter is appropriately called "Because of Love". I can describe it, but it's better witnessed that told. I somehow see myself as Jean, & Jesus as Wolverine. Through out the movie, he never gives up on rescuing her. "You can't save her." Storm says. "I have to try", is his response. I will share their 2 lines at the end of the scene.
Jean: [agrily spits out] "You would DIE for them?!?!"
Wolverine: " Jean, not for them...for you"

With You
I walk through
the woods today
...feeling like
a lost prince
...found by
his beloved King
like a strange
"shadow of a 'rough
around the edges' hero"
of a long lost
I drink in
every smell
every sound
every color
every image
I walk
the rough
fo a
soon coming

the world has
[over the last 3 years]
like it was
wearing thin
"tired of itself"
but as You
seem to keep
doing to
[or is that with?] me
it is always
the most dry
...just before
it rains
it felt like
it was raining
all the time
-it still does
...but now
it is a different
-in new, vivid colors
all I see
all I smell
is not as dark
is less hopeless
oddly blooms
like a flower
in the desert
my life
isn't different
hasn't changed
...but I have
I see that I can
go back
to my
"self made trap"
like it out here
...with You

[...currently listening to "Children of the Chosen" by Neal Morse, & "I Just Wanna Live" by King's X. The Morse tune, for a few friends who rely on me to tell them about new Morse stuff. Is available as a free, single version, from, & is from the upcoming disc "Lifeline". It sticks in your head, Morse is very good at this. This also, is the first disc since his convertion that is not a concept disc]

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