Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not My Friend

you are not my friend

I don’t know why

I spend so much time with you

you really can’t hate me


Then again, you cannot love me


you’d have to be alive

To do either one

But I carry you with me


I just have to stop

Gotta put you down

Cause I’m tired of you

Bringing me down

Getting in the way

Of The One

And those He sent to me

When I see you

…I cannot see them

I don’t care if I hurt you

…but I don’t want to

Hurt them anymore

They love me

you don’t

yep, they probably will hurt me


But at least they might apologize

you never will

you are a part of me

…but you




Part of the story that is me

But not the complete package

you are a poison

a prison cell

a spiritual cancer

I don’t have to live in your town

I don’t really have to visit, either

So I guess I’m just trying to say

That I’m leaving you

For actual people

People who give a damn





not my friend

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