Sunday, August 31, 2008

Attempts a fractals

So on my "other blog" I put some fractals [by other people].
So I ended up finding this program on making fractals.
So here are mine...
lets call this one "the golden splinter"I don't know why the word splinter comes to mind. Other than the fact that I have this idea in my head for a drawing from a moment in last years Labyrinth. The "working title" of which is "Splinters of Light". [problem is, I haven't tried to draw in years. ...ok, I mean other than the stuff I do on envelopes for b-day/ Anniversary -mine is a week from today/ Christmas/ etc...
maybe I'll get daring & post a few of my sketches from one of my journals -don't hold your breath]

this I'll call crimson thread...

The next one is the best by far... [& my last for now, I do have some "grown up" things to do.]

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