Sunday, August 10, 2008

Photo's, changed plans, strange day

So much to talk about ... but, alas, my schedule & my mind just can't tonight. Strange "whirlwind" of a day. A funeral for my wife's Grandmother this week. [she died this morning] Plans with my friend are more difficult than I hoped. [still don't know when/ where we are meeting -I hate surprises, & "last minute changes". Which will -apparently- be the theme this week]. But, that said, it's not all bad. Sat. was restful, fun, different, inspiring, & pulled me ever so slightly out of my comfort zone. I have never really done photography with photographers before. I barely ever did "Jamming" with other musicians. Most of my drawing/ writing/ photography/ practicing is done solitary. So, though I wanted to go with deAnn & Kevin both [even though they went in different directions], I "played it safe" at first. And struck out alone. Which was fine. Then I bumped into deAnn & John [gee... I really hope that is his name. I should remember, he only told me twice. But tonight my head is swimming]. He helped me with my camera. deAnn helped with some perspective, they both helped with light. Great photos, good conversation. I got the doors, by the way. [more on that later]

So I'll leave with a few thoughts, & pic's.
Pastor Aaron mentioned 6 word memoirs.
After last Sun. I feel like I need 3 of them [to describe the transition]:

Bought as is,
not worth it.

Loved as is,
Don't know why.

Is [quickly] becoming:
Loved as is,
Glad, thank you.
I wrote that during the message today. As I drove around off & on all day today another one sort of came to me...

Shattered, lost, found, loved, being fixed

This is one picture of the doors. I, honestly, didn't realize there was a room in there. At first this ruined it for me [more on that later]. I would be curious... where does this picture take you? What do you see? answers later this week.

Tomorrow, 7:30 the "otherworldly sounds" of King Crimson will fill these ears. Hopefully, at least part of the show, will be like the title of a Spock's Beard song: "The Healing Colors of Sound".
And a chance to see some new P.J. Crook paintings [used by "The Crim's" as cd & T-shirt art]
This is a sample:
Well, I must go.

May His grace drip from your fingers,


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