Monday, November 11, 2013

Wearing Hope

[photo courtesy of Plumb]

Wearing Hope
Don’t know
What you need
Where you are
In your journey
What all you’ve seen
I don’t know
If your glad
To have gone
You went
Thus far
Or terrified
That someone will
Find out
You came from there
But you should
No matter
What you’ve seen
Where you’ve been
What’s been done
Or the scars
It’s left behind
I’m still here
I needed help too
Why else would
I wear
Among other things
On my arm
So you can see
That it works
A bit like this
I get help
I begin to heal
So I can be a catalyst
For healing
So you get healing
So you can be
A catalyst
For healing
Someone else
A few people
Touching a few people
Changing the world
One person
At a time

by b.e. noll

It can be amazing where inspiration can come from. A conversation, song, interview, movie trailer, tv show, twitter, facebook… This comes from a photo & a comment on facebook. [I honestly didn’t think Plumb would message me back. She doesn’t know me from Adam & Eve’s house cat. Anyway…]
Plumb posted this & mentioned that she might wear this for the whole of her current tour [winterjam 2013]. A bracelet with the word hope on it. Something in this stuck with me. So I began to think on this. This idea of “wearing hope”. Maybe it makes me think of To Write Love On Her Arms. I'm not sure. Wearing hope just has a ...logic to it. A sanity in the midst of chaos. A safe harbor, in the midst of pain we haven't yet healed from. A chance to gain something we can somehow both hold onto...& give away. Maybe it's that somehow wearing hope, love, mercy, kindness, grace could become a way to spread these things everywhere we go. Showing people these things are more than concepts we talk about. Subjects we speak of in church. That maybe by wearing hope we can carry it... like a first aide kit. A salve. To help wounds to at least become scars. Scars are wounds that have healed somewhat. The scars don't always go away. At least they don't bleed anymore. I've been blessed. So many of my wounds healed without permanent scars. At least without physical ones. Though I do have some. As I type I think of one of my fingers. I shattered the tip of it. The scar is still there. While I couldn't feel it for many years, feeling has been restored over time. 
It's been nice, for me, to share here some of my wounds, my scars. I hope that I share more hope than darkness. I guess I also feel that hope is contagious. So I'd like hope to "run a muck", to run free in the streets. Perhaps to end up, being worn... on more than one arm. Kind of like the To Write Love On Her Arms shirts. Starting in Florida... & stretching across the planet...
[Plumb, thanks again for the use of the photo. And for your songs. Enjoy the tour!]
May His grace drip from your fingers,

Well, I won't be posting for the next few days. I have a long day tomorrow. Leave my Sister-in-law's house @ 4:30am. To drop 2 of them off @ BWI. Then I'm straight back here & to work, till 12 hours later. Don't think I'll have anything inspiring to say after that. So maybe Thurs. I'll post again. Not quite sure what's next here...


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