Friday, November 15, 2013

a facebook question [thx 4 asking, Aaron Kunce]

A friend from Living Word asked for this on facebook. Comments/ thoughts on a quote...

"You may have heard this great quote (below) before... but whether you have - or not - please reflect on it and when you get a moment... share those reflections with me. I would love to read them. Thx! Here's the quote: "The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet." -Frederick Buechner"

It’s hard to believe that my deep gladness would intersect with the world’s deep hunger. It’s taken an exponentially long time to figure out what my deep gladness even is. Turns out Art… is where I come alive. I feel a relaxation, a relief when I write. Like I’ve been holding my breathe for so long I forgot I was doing it. My mind becomes lighter.
Then there is music. Which I can use to change my mood… or enhance it. It is so freeing to sing […@ least when no one is within earshot.]
And there is photography. I don’t even know how this got started. I just know that sometime last year or this year I started having this weird …”event” with it. I was running along a path, in the woods. When I stopped, ran backwards to a shot that my mind had realized would be a good photo, & snapped it. Suddenly [kind of to my shock & horror] I started laughing. I just could not stop. I was so very glad no one was around. Shear lunacy. I stopped running & laughed, walking down this path. Not every time after that [or every time since] has this happened. Yet it happened several times afterward. All when I was alone. All in the woods at different parks here. It was starting to really scare me. Am I crazy? [ok, obviously yes. Has it gotten worse?] Finally it was bugging me enough that one time I stood there & said, out loud: “God. This is SO STUPID!” I was unprepared for what was next. I felt him “walk up beside me, put his arm around me” & say: “yeah, isn’t it great?”. After that I never “tried” to make this happen… & it doesn’t feel strange anymore. I get it. I am just feeling completely alive in the moment. I’m ok being me, being alive, taking up space on the planet. I am doing what I like. Being one with my creator.
People seem to really like my photos. I’ve had a few people say every once in a while how they like my poems/ writings. I don’t really know if what brings me deep gladness will meet the world’s hunger. …I guess I hope that it does. 

next thing rumbling inside me to write about is the difference between ok & understandable. [I think it'll have to be in sections. wish me luck. prayer would be better...]
May His grace drip from your fingers,

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