Monday, April 23, 2012

what used to be

what used to be
[poem version]
seems that some of my old choices
long ago check marked boxes
have gone dog-eared
[or fading?]
I haven't forgotten why
they were checked
what drew me to them
an old drawing
 it is
well... not tragic
don't get lost
on that dusty dead end
my sometimes trusty old soul
yeah, as you said to me
don't build a shrine
to what'll pass
in time
this forward
seems forever
both in it's direction
& in how long it's taking
still seems
the best way out
to admit
I like it
liked it a lot, once
that was then
a man [or boy]
I was
the way
it used to be
the path to this me
I think I'm liking
this me
the further away
I get from
the way it used to be

by b.e. noll

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