Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hope I didn't do this last year...

Hello all. Life is interesting. This week has been busy. Some years the week of my birthday is a bit trying for me. I think I just get a bit bogged down in ordinary. Maybe I can't get over myself. This year I had 1 day this week of "that guy". Maybe he finally took a hint. I'm not big on parties. So my families have given me the best of both. Sort of "mini parties". Last Sat. was M's day. We had fun. Sun my nieces, sister & brother-in-law, for lunch. Supper with my parents. Tomorrow is with all my in laws, as tomorrow is the day separating my b-day from on of my sister-in-laws. Her b-day is this Sat. [as is my cousin's]. Sat. some folks from my growth group/LW & a high school friend of mine will be hiking Rickett's Glen with me. Can't wait. Then, I think, the "spoiling" will be over. Almost forgot, Wed. night was cool, listening to the group sing along with Chris Tomlin [amazing grace {my chains are gone}]. Love hearing them sing.

This picture is from the kitchen table this morning. A small gift from Mick [M]. markers, notebooks, & this Guitar card. Cool huh? I used to play, when we were dating. My big gift is new prescription sunglasses. [that was hard on the wallet] Hopefully they last as long as the others have [roughly 17 - 20 yrs]. It's late, so this'll be it for today. I've an unfinished poem rattling around that I hope to post later. Written to the "grumpy one" I mentioned here. And I must figure out how to gently talk to a facebook friend about their posts of late. I don't want to "unfriend" them [or offend]... yet I'm not sure if I want my facebook page to have those kinds of word pictures floating around on it.
oh yeah... the hope I didn't part...
The Beatles Birthday

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