Sunday, April 1, 2012

"a new role"

I have a new role in my growth group. I bring a song to group & play it before group starts. Oh, not an original "written by me" song, mind you. This week...I'm trying to figure out which one to take. I've been writing about this next weekend for a while. Not sure what [& how] I'll end up posting things.
[this is for my Mother] This is one of the last songs we sang @ LW this morning:
David Crowder* Band - How He Loves
as for songs for Wed. [the above +]
Beautiful Scandalous Night from At the Foot of the Cross. A compilation put together by [& this was written by] Derri Daugherty & Steven Hindalong of The Choir.
Chains Hit the Ground by Leeland
Jesus... by Rich Mullins [sorry for the audio, however I don't put anything up on youtube, & this was the only version I found]
[& if I want to "go out on a limb" I can play a song that you all would find "more me"]
Gungor - Beautiful Things I posted this one because it's a cool, different version.
[thanks RELEVANT magazine. You guys are cool.]

words by Kemper Crabb
music by Arkangel

Father Adam,
won't you see what
you have done
You have given all your children
to the fire
and to the worm

And we're bleeding
We are Needing
It's a hard fate
has befallen our race
Cold wind from Eden
blows across my face
And I'm yearning
Oh, I'm burning
to be back in the garden
Back in the garden -
back in the garden

Second Adam,
Now I see what
you have done
Through Your dying,
through Your rising
You've restored the fallen sons
Through your giving
We are living

And, oh, I know
You bruised Your heel
when you crushed
the serpents head
But You pulled the fangs
out of our hearts
Giving Spirit-life instead
And I'm learning
You're returning me
back to the Garden
Back to the Garden,
back to the Garden

Of Late
I'm Realizing
That the Garden I'm desiring
is You.

Well... this is me signing off for now. Gotta get some sleep, & keep tweaking my writing for this week. A bit of a teaser to what I'm writing... How many times have you said "life isn't fair" or "it's not fair"?
I have a habit of ripping into phrases that I or others say too often.
...[said to my wife first. Though, I felt God kinda stab a finger into my shoulder as I said this] "Honey, life wasn't fair to it's author... what do you think your odds really are?" Which... as I thought about this... made me realize...
I'm kinda glad life isn't fair. Because if life was fair, we should all just go to Hell. Right now. Because that... would be fair. [not a fun thought, huh?]
ponder holy week, ...this coming Fri - Sun is the best part of the greatest love story...

your friend,
b.e. noll

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