Monday, April 9, 2012

not really an Easter post

So I didn't post yesterday. Busy day. Services were wonderful. The day was great.
I could post billions of songs. You'd like some, & wonder why others were excluded.
I'm just going to go back a bit. Several weeks before Easter. I brought a song to growth group... & was asked if we could play it the following week. I said sure. You know how it goes, you say it's ok...but part of you wishes you could just "do what you want".
Boy, am I glad I said sure.
The next week another "left turn". It was beautiful outside. So a couple of guys asked if we could go out & walk the sacred path, together. So we did. Then came in & listened to the song I had originally planned to play a week earlier.
It was perfect. The song? I wonder by Leeland.

all photos by b.e. noll [the black & gold one is the moon reflecting off of Lake Redman]

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