Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday supper

Looks like Mom will go to rehab tomorrow if there is a bed available!!! The Doctor said there is no "medical need for her to be in the hospital anymore"! YEA GOD!!!! So tomorrow or Tues. she will be moved. She did have a slight fall today. So she is sore. More so than she has been. She's still looking good. I am so ecstatic!
Oh... & I have a poem in Inklings called Unique.You can visit Inspire[d] the arts @ LW by clicking on it. on the right hand side is inklings. Click on the cover & read down through. Enjoy, I especially enjoyed this one for some reason. So, as L.L. Barkatt has on in & around Monday... this is a "Sunday edition".

I set here
on a Sunday evening
gazing at the colorful cover
reminding me
of the season
we are moving toward
I laugh
as I remember
earlier hearing
an artistic co-worker & friend
"Brian's is on pg 23"
to my Dad
and we laughed
Mom will read it later
during her last or second to last day
at the hospital
as I open it
the timer goes off
I open the sliding glass door
walk out, open the grill
and lay supper on it
on tin foil
re-set the timer
add flavor
close the lid
and get back to the booklet
ooo, an Anne Lamott quote
I continue page skipping
reading of poems
about worship
a story about a hike
[realizing I'd love to go
based on the writer's description!]
-ops! timer is going off again!
I skip page 23 altogether
[as I'll remember it when I read it again]
I read
I stop & check or flip supper
I read of Sabbath Location
and my mind wanders to the
Sacred Path under construction
calling to mind some of the pix
I've seen of it
I nod in agreement with the writing
ohh, the grill smells good!
I am interrupted for the evening
supper is done
and I'm not!

by b. e. noll

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