Thursday, October 6, 2011

Saw some cool tributes to Steve Jobs today. An apple with a bite out of it, among flowers. Another with "Bye" carved out of it in cursive. I was struck by the facebook thumbs down. Yep, death 9,999,999 people dislike this. My favorite was a 19 year old from Japan. He took the apple logo & where the bite was missing put a silhouette of Steve Jobs' face.
I'm a writer, I guess. and I love mp3 players, because I love music.
So I'll put it this way.

Thank you Yahweh, for inventing Steve Jobs.

oh... & as I had a very "ransom note looking" post last night. I'll clarify
Mom is in Rehab now. She is doing well there. she got to set outside here, on a beautiful day. Walked a bit. And did well in physical therapy today.

Take care out there,

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