Thursday, October 27, 2011

speachless [or, now my feet won't touch the ground]

from facebook:
If you heard a scream @ 11:00am today, that was me.
MOM COMES HOME SUN 11:30, THIS SUN. YEAH, WOO-HOO, THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH YAHWEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I've been telling everyone. Not to seem too campy, but I have a line from "Life in Technicolor pt 2" by Coldplay running through my head today: "...gravity release me, oh don't ever hold me down, now my feet won't touch, the ground..." As well as a worship song we sing @ LW: Chris Tomlin's "This is Our God"
"...He brings peace to our madness
comfort in our sadness
this is our God...
so call upon His name
he is mighty to save
this is our God
Lord & savior
This is our God..."
so.... um, I'm slightly ecstatic. have energy like I've been mainlining Mtn. dew for... oh, about 4 days strait. I don't think Christmas gets me this excited.

Bridge to eternity

...what can I say
oh God?
how can words
tell you how glad I am
that you want me in your life
that you built eternity
for us to enjoy together
some days
it's so dark here
thank you
for telling me
over & over
that the darkness
will expire

thank you
for dieing for me
for all those I love
for rising again
for killing death
single handedly
a bridge to eternity
a nail scarred hand
reaching out
from forever
thank you
for being such a paradox
the one & only real, true son
of the one, true, uncreated God
dieing to make us
sons of this same
magnificent, high King-God
heirs, with you
of the undefeatable kingdom
thank you for loving your enemies
[for we all were @ one time]

thank you
Father God
Redeemer Jesus
for giving us
your Spirit, the comforter
to hold us till you return

Thank you Spirit
for walking this
difficult road with us
speaking to... yourself
on our behalf
in your own
unknowable language
guiding us
in the way everlasting

beyond the end of the sky,

[...or, to be brief, oh God...
thank you
for being you,
and loving me]

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