Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beautiful Day

MOM IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh. I am overwhelmed today. Went to LW with my Dad [1st service]. There was an unspoken joy filling the place today especially. Different folks asking how we were feeling. 2 comments really got to me. Pastor Steve [LW's senior pastor] walked out to Dad & said: "How's my girl doing?". [btw Pastor Aaron, thanks for keeping LW's staff up to date on Mom's progress!!] Judge Kennedy, walked up & said well, there's the Noll brothers. I've missed hearing that, haven't heard something along those lines since my Grandfather went home to Jesus. [I'll tell that story sometime]
Then we walk in, & worship begins with: Joyful [as in Joyful, joyful we adore thee...]. PERFECT. I could hardly sing, we then sang Beautiful One, & How Great is the Love. Found myself changing the words near the end...
"Jesus, my faithful King
with an overjoyed heart I sing
how great is your love
how great is your love
oh, my savior..."
I later have had this song in my heart as well: Thankful Heart by Petra

...and for you all. Out there across cyberspace. Thank you as well, for your prayers. For joining me on this long journey.
I felt like singing from the rooftops....[Beautiful Day by U2]
take care all of you out there...& may tomorrow be just as beautiful...

Father God,
oh once, present, & future king
of all
my debt payer
lover of my soul
healer of my soul
oh Great Spirit of the Everlasting
journey-er with me through days
both dark & light
Thank you
a billion times over
thank you
for giving me my mother
for saving her
for bringing her home to us

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