Sunday, April 12, 2009

to short for a title [...or prelude to the Labyrinth]

Well... This is somewhat my life right here. -actually, it is what my life has been. Sometimes more slowly than I'd like, I am untwisting. I am in a state that is both exciting, & terrifying. I'm hoping to have the courage [now that the Labyrinth is over] to share a bit of my journey through it. For now though, I must go.
I get to find out [tomorrow] if I'm going to have another round surgery....


Anonymous said...

oh you are in pa.
it is late are probably in bed by now, however, i hope your news is good tomorrow.

i am not up on your past surgery info...but no matter. i will still say a prayer for you.

Bought as is said...

Thanks. I'll explain a bit better, later [though, you can peruse older posts to get a bit of knowledge]. Good news, indeed. I don't need follow up surgery. Which frees up my summer a bit more.
More later,