Friday, April 24, 2009

The Anatomy of a Gift

The Anatomy of a Gift [or how I see humans, the appreciation of my friends]
As I have said [probably too many times now] Humans are The Sculptures of God.
Your clothes, glasses, jewelry, hair color [if you die it, anyway], tattoos, etc. are the wrapping paper. Your body is the box... but your soul is the gift. It is the essence of you. I look at my friends, my family, my wife... as someone who goes to a gallery looks at photos, paintings, & sculptures. I'm thankful for my friends. [& my family. I've known a lot of people who's families suck. I am blessed, believe me. My life would have been so much worse...& probably a whole lot shorter, if it were not for family.]
I'm thankful for all of my gifts. You may not believe it... but you are a gift.
[& now, "gift poems" 2 of 3]

A poem to my gifts….

You have no clue
Do you?
How very significant
You are.
How you are
The very physical
Hug of Yahweh
Just by walking by
Saying “hi”
Your message
Your email
Never liked
Being followed
A couple of you
That you were
It just meant
I’m not alone
What happens
To me matters
Like such a small word
For it

I’m so glad
That God made
Each of you
Not only that
But He is actually willing
To share you all with me
You are art
You rival
The sky
The grand canyon
In all it’s spender
Is not as wonderful
As each of you.
One day
I hope
He pulls back the veil
And lets you
See you
As I do
Only then
You understand
I love you
Thanks for
Loving me, too…

Once again
It’s my birthday
I’m not waiting
To see what I “get”
I have
A priceless gift
[all I want is you]

The best friends…

When you’ve come unglued,
You’re insides have all been spewed
You’ve exploded,
& your heart lies in a million pieces
They walk in…
They are the only ones
who dare….
They dare to care
“here’s a piece”, one will say
“I found one, too”, not far away
They gather all the pieces
of your once whole soul
Then they kneel before Him
& this is what they’ll say
… he’s broken
… please…. fix him”

By brian n.
[written several years ago]

you are a gift,
you matter,
don't forget...


L.L. Barkat said...

I especially like this snippet...

You rival
The sky
The grand canyon


Monica said...

"Thanks for loving me"
-- I've said that to some of my gifts lately, too. Thanks for these gift thoughts.

sojourner said...

i liked "the best friends" best because coming unglued is serious business for me and the idea of friends entering in to kneel and ask Daddy for help to put the pieces back together is nice

Anonymous said...

thank you for your love and your gift -of poetry


Anonymous said...

you are also...

The very physical
Hug of Yahweh

laure said...

the heart behind the message ... the message ... beautiful

Bought as is said...

Thanks all. I'm a bit at a loss for words. Sometimes our meaning comes through well... & other times not.