Thursday, April 16, 2009

If I owned a radiostation [& still not feeling well]

Well, my med.'s have me all over the place. [don't feel well, physically... or emotionally really. It stinks, out loud.] But, I'm still trying to do new things.... in that vein, I now have a "make-shift" radio on the bottom of this blog. [hope you can listen too, if you'd like. I'm "just getting my feet wet" in it. Chick won't have a singer with him, that I know of, but it's one of my fav.'s]
Don't know if I'll actually post [twitter/facebook/email] much over the next few days.
Sadly, I'm quite miserable.
And music is the only drug I love taking....
Good night, sleep well [dream big]


Anonymous said...

i just started on facebook, two days ago i think it was.

strange me. everyone jumps in and out very quickly, no hello, no goodbye, just messages. little clips of words. and it is hard to find my way around yet.


feel better.

Bought as is said...

Facebook & twitter are a bit different till you get used to them [I am a "Twitter probie", myself. I think it's been 24 hours]
I better understand facebook, & like being able to post photos there. [I'm too chicken, yet, to put any poems there]
I partly did facebook because I can post how I'm doing [healthwise] & if you want to know you look, if not, that's ok too.

Thanks, I should be feeling much better by next Thurs. [I'll be "clean" by then]

L.L. Barkat said...

sorry you are feeling so terrible. Music is good medicine. Dream in rhythm. :)

Bought as is said...

Ahh, yes. L.L. to quote a lovely song title from a Spock's Beard disc:
I'm enjoying "The Healing Colors of Sound".