Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thank You, Father

Thank you for the ability to write...
for the way
that writing
is a lost key
to the prison
I've locked me
I don't know
why I put me
I guess
I feel like...
when You made me
You goofed
Like I was made wrong
a "defect" from the factory
A "lemon"
there is no verse
that says
"...& God said: oops,
sorry, I didn't mean to do that."
This must mean
that I am
not one,
is helping me
to see myself
as less of a waste
to begin
to see me
as having purpose
it just hasn't quite
been revealed yet.
Like a new cd
that I know is coming
but I'm not allowed
to hear it just yet.
Thank You
that you would go through
so much anguish
just to shout to me
without words
"you're alive
I love you
I want you"
I'm glad
that You
want me God
cause I need You
[ bad I can taste it]

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