Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photos, harmony with the season

Well, I'm closing in on a week since I posted last. This last weekend was beyond words for me. I haven't picked up my camera for a while. [at least not in earnest] So, when Kevin "put the word out" that we were having another "VC photo field trip", I was ecstatic. ...on Saturday. Well, I've been revisiting a rather old practice of mine [also on Sat.'s]. So, I thought about it for a while. Then decided I needed to go. So, camera & journal in my pockets, I went. I'm so very glad.
I've wanted to post how this spring I am exceptionally excited for. How the daffodils in the front little mulch bed, have been "yawning" their way up through the mulch. Spreading their "leaves of joyous green". And finally their blooms "trumpeted" the arrival of the first day of spring [right on cue]. Except for the full blooms, they have been a symbol of my state lately. It's been "winter in my soul" for quite some time now. I really feel like I'm mending. There are still things to let go of [...& some things that need started/ re-started/ "picked up" & ran with]. And through here, my journaling, & some other odd things, I'm feeling like I'm moving forward.
Even so, there is much to do. Even impromptu things, like changing a flat. Yesterday was not a "forward" day -in any sense of the word. Though, I wasn't derailed... I felt like I almost was.
So back to the photo "outing". We went to Lake Williams. Ahhh, so very nice. Now, with the mentioning of the daffodils, I'm thinking spring. It was cold enough to frost. We were early enough for me to catch some cool stuff... Like the bristling frost on the grass. I'll have to see if I can link this to my facebook pictures. [I'll also put more up on my photo blog later on]. It also acted like thousands of tiny prisms, as I walked through the grassy parts of trails....

You should be able to click on here & look at a larger view of this, which will show you a bit of what I mean by the prism effect. It gave the whole walk such a magical feel. I kept hearing the song "This is my Father's world" it would wash over my "inner ear" in waves. Growing louder at times & then softer at times. I felt [for the second time this year] like a little kid. Just so, care free, giddy. [which just isn't me -at least not very often] I felt so very "alive in the moment". I took a great deal of pictures. And have been blessed, & a bit overwhelmingly surprised, by the responses I've gotten from my photography friends. Namely, Kevin & deAnn. Mom has chimed in as well. [though, to know my mother, one would not be surprised by her enjoyment at all]
So I really enjoyed my hike, & got to do a "part 2" on Sunday over at Rocky Ridge. Wich I enjoyed as well. I forgot my camera tonight, though. I was out & saw an amazing sunset. [still agree with Doug Pinnick of King's X: "...yeah I watched the sun, setting in the west. Probably a thousand times, & every one was best...". -from the song "67", from the disc: Ear Candy]
Well, I'm kinda outta time here....
currently listening to something other than No Line... ["A Box" from Ear Candy, & thinking of deAnn's post on magnetic poetry -they go together, seriously, they do. -ok, for me they do...]


Anonymous said...

here is to moving with God!
Love to you , always.

Anonymous said...

it is good to see the sun in your photos, i especially enjoyed the pattern that the light through the trees made on the path in the first shot.

L.L. Barkat said...

Love the frost! These places look marvelously peaceful.