Thursday, March 19, 2009

a "musical" post

Ok, so I picked up the new U2 disc. I'll get "campyness" out of the way first:
[all blue colored parts are song titles]
We had a snow storm, so I get on my boots, because it's white as snow outside. Why? 'cause I knew I'd go crazy if I didn't get the new U2 that night. As I drove cross town to a meeting I felt like a stand up comedy routine. Gushingly excited that it would take me past a record store. This one seems like another cohesive disc solid as the cedars of Lebanon. It really took hold of me. I think it's magnificent. There seems to be no line on the horizon for their creativity. I was glad I didn't have any interruptions listening to it. [like an unknown caller] As I let the disc birth it's songs into the car, I could hardly breathe. As I listened I felt myself come to a moment of surrender to how wonderful it sounded.
[ok, so I didn't use the whole title of "I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight", & "FEZ -being born" isn't in there either, nobody's perfect]

Well, that was kinda fun. Whimsical, but fun.
In all seriousness, this disc seems to be me, here, now. I feel like I'm soaking it in, marinating in it -if you will. I even hear portions of it constantly running on the "mp3 player in my head". I hear it in conversations. Several moments of our growth group these last 2 times I kept hearing the line from Stand Up Comedy: "...Stand up, for hope, faith, love, but while I'm gettin' over certainty, stop helping God across the road, like a little old lady...". This song has such a King's X inspired groove -love it. As I watched the video of Renee that I posted a few posts back, I was reminded of lines from Get on Your Boots: "'s where we gotta be, love & community, laughter is eternity, if joy is real...".
The first song to really get stuck in my head, though, is going to be the next single. Magnificent. Just lovely. It is the kind of song that gets in your head. It is joyous, at least to me. I'm reminded of the story of my birth [as told by my mother], in the line "...I give you back my voice, from the womb...". Mom almost lost me in "having" me. So she told me that she gave me back to God the moment I was "out". Never really knew how to respond to that [still don't].
So... what would this post be without a poem? [it's sort of a prayer, really]

Magnificent [from another angle]
thank you for making
Paul David Hewson
thank you for making him
[cause I don't feel as bad
about being
that way too]
thank you that
[all because of You]
he became a singer
thank you for his 3
good friends
for they can be
"real people" together
[& can encourage him]
& help him not to
travel the world
thank you for sharing him
with us
[we enjoy his voice, too]
thank you for making Paul
able to write so well
we've never met
but he writes
like we are close friends
thank you
for all you are teaching me through
this new collection of songs
thank you that
it is helping me to write a lot
thank you
that this one
feels so much
like an
"audio anti-depressant"

[btw Paul David Hewson... is Bono's real name]

thank you again,
for all my gifts.
thank you for showing me you love me
for screaming it from the cross
& for all the little ways too...


Anonymous said...

i liked reading what your mom said about your birth.

L.L. Barkat said...

I think I shall see if I can find a snippet to listen to. Your enthusiasm is contagious.

deAnn said...

Hey Brian - clever story using the song titles! That would be a fun writing exercise. And I'm totally fine with you linking to VC. :0) See you soon ~ deAnn

Bought as is said...

Thanks for the comments & encouragement.
Oh, L.L., I think you can go to & listen to the disc start to finish [without signing up for anything -I think you can, but I didn't try it]. Well, I'm off. shopping with my blond tonight, taking pictures with good friends tomorrow.