Monday, March 16, 2009

a few poems that came from other places

Barkat is still creating these writing challenges [or prompts, as others may call them].
I am also inspired by a commercial over on Vertical Creativity. A Visa commercial is the inspiration for this next one. To see the commercial first, click here. To read her wonderful post on this commercial.


The moment

You here this tiny word

You feel like you should move

By itself it sounds

Like a command

In the military

In an emergency


It can seem

Like an impossible task

When all that is around you

Seems broken


Just maybe

In the brokenness


Means finding the pieces


It means taking steps

To heal

What is broken

…the commercial

Is speaking of a form of

Brand new day

Of starting over


What is starting over

Going to look like

For you?

Does it mean

Dusting off a

Long neglected


Is this instrument


Or a paintbrush?

Or pencils?

Will you

Share this with someone?

Maybe going out your door

Isn’t your problem

Is it letting others in?

Is it sharing

The deepest part of yourself?



Is to the store…

For groceries…

For modeling clay…

A new notebook,

Or sketch pad…


It’s to find your friends

To remind yourself

Your journey

Connects with others

Will He…

Go with you?


Will you


With Him?

…there are many things money can buy….

But what matters most in this world…. Isn’t found in a store…

And isn’t for sale…

[thus proving, once again, God gives the very best gifts. You are one of them –even if you don’t feel like it.]

So that is the first one... [I, for some reason, hear it read by Morgan Freeman]
Now for a [humm..... how do I say this?]
a different angle on a previous poem. [or... I found my soul pt 2, or I found my soul, revisited]

I found my soul a cd the loving eyes
of friends the electronic words
hurled through
...different hands
...different minds
[artist supreme]

So much is being "spoken into my life" lately. I'm at once excited, & a bit freightened, by it. Almost as if "God is my stalker". [now there's an image you don't think of everyday]
Seriously, it's not enough that from conversations, to The Labyrinth, to my lent devotional, to things in growth group, to music, to TV, to movies... but that all this can be speaking to me "harmoniously" on a theme is quite wild. [not to mention nail biting]
I may try to be brave, & post a few variations on the idea of "word painting". From my writings inside the Labyrinth. [it's a bit more of me than I'm used to publishing, but who knows?]
May you have a wonderful day... [or night's sleep]

Take time for quiet moments, for God whispers,

And the world is loud. –Anonymous



Anonymous said...

hi there,
thank you for commenting on my blog. to answer your question about the photo...which is not posted anymore...yet, you were right, it was of two photos that were layered together. i was doing that for a little while with some of my photos.

i hope you come by and visit again.

i am adding your address to my blog list because i would like to read more of what you have to share.

God's Love to you

Freedom in the Dance said...

Found you on L.L.'s site and read your poem...thanks much for the inspiration! Makes me want to GO and dig in the dirt, or paint the kitchen (something I keep dreaming about!)
Isn't Daddy good to give us harmonious direction from different places? I love Him!
Have a great day.

L.L. Barkat said...

Oh, I smiled at the Morgan Freeman daydream! :)