Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Election post I... "have to write"

So, I have to write an election post, huh?

Ok... you asked for it.

I voted.

Yes, God is sovereign.
I voted for president of a country.
I still follow the maker of the universe.
Someone said to me today [after I voted] "if Obama becomes president we need to pray for our country."
Was there a time we were supposed to stop?
is it not written: "...pray without ceasing..."?
Obama himself said: "God bless America".
which is nice...
but what about: God teach America. God heal America. [why stop within our borders?]
Yeah, we need alternative fuels... we need alternative thoughts, too.
To rely less on foreign oil, & to rely less on just domestic currency.

I, myself, watching Biden step out to stand beside Obama, faintly heard -yet again- Martin Luther King... "I have a dream today..."
I think if King were here, he would be smiling. [I think he has better things to occupy his time...]
I am a bit of a cynic. I want to see him move us out of this crisis. It is one thing to promise stuff... & quite another to begin the process of delivering on those promises. I'm glad so many of us voted. I'm sorry that I haven't always. I have enjoyed making fun of the "broken records". [I'll end this post with a different slant on that joking]
I'm glad there is a clear winner, & not a "return of the son of the recount" as was the case last time out.
Glad that the only ones talking about "dimpled Chad's" are grandmothers.

Well, I need to get some sleep. My latest Head CT is just hours away. I'm a week from knowing if I need surgery. [so: "stay tuned to this station for further reports"]
And I can begin, again, to pray for a named president. President Obama. To pray for an imperfect man, running an imperfect country, in an imperfect universe.

Thankful that imperfection... [as of a Friday long ago] is on the endangered species list.

I'm Brian Noll...
...& I wrote this message.
[this message was not paid for by anyone, who would spend money on this?]

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