Sunday, November 23, 2008

last post for a while

This'll be it for a while. I've been trying to get ready for surgery. My friend deAnn posted a macro of snow [not realizing that I was going to ask her & Kevin if they could do that for me. since I don't have a camera that will let me do such things.]. I was not prepared for what I saw. It's so cool. And I LOVE snow. I love to drive in it [well, as long as I'm not on a "time crunch"]. I love to shovel it. I love the tranquility of the snow. The sound of it falling. The way it quiets everything. I think I've mentioned [either here or else where] that only God can change a landscape by adding just one color. To see the pic. click here: vertical creativity. I'm going to end with something I wrote while looking at this picture...

Touchable grace

Snow is touchable grace

It falls

All over the place

Changing the drab usual world

Into a seemingly magical wonderland

It is a temporary glimpse

Into Jesus’ words

“behold, I make all things new”

For snow

Renders objects


Even when you finally know

What it is

Underneath all that “white stuff”

You find yourself thinking


Snow makes us

Change our plans

Drive differently


Makes us

Look out the window more


And marvel

At the beauty of nature



Makes me think

Of grace


Changes everything

You find it

In the weirdest places

You find it in dingy

Imperfect places

But grace never gets marred by it’s surroundings

And grace

Always transforms

What it “lands” on

It always makes things better

It is survival

For the “unfit”

It makes it fit


Like snow

Is a reason to get up

In the morning

Throw open the curtains


“check out” a brand new day

It’s a reason

To explore

It’s a reason

To “borrow images”

[it’s a reason

To lend images]

Grace gives the courage

To be creative

Grace gives a reason

To share what’s created



What is created


Speeds healing

Grace helps us

To see white


As snow.

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