Sunday, November 30, 2008

"post Op"

So, it’s been about six days since my surgery. Tues. went fairly well. I’m told the surgery was a complete success. The only glitch I had, was waking up in recovery. I’m not one to like waking up somewhere different than where I fell asleep. I kind of have to “take a mental inventory” of my surroundings. I knew [& planned for the fact] that I would go to sleep in one room/ area, & then wake up hours later somewhere else. It still threw me. So there was a nervous few moments, between me & the nursing staff. They kept pushing my arms down, which lent to a feeling of being restrained. [which I abhor] Unfortunately, this made me want out of there more than just the fact that I was uncertain as to how many people were standing around me. Part of me kept searching for a familiar face [Mick, Kevin, Dave, Mom or Dad, one of my other friends at LW…] Since I didn’t see any of them, I was really debating grabbing someone, you know the ol’ action movie line: “release me” [“…& no one will get hurt.”] After a few moments “Julie”, a nurse there, came over to me slowly & said “Are you claustrophobic?” No, not really. I said [not really convincing either of us]. “…just… too many people in here.” [I cannot keep track of them all. Some touching me lightly. –I’d rather be grabbed by a handful of razor blades]. Upon saying this, however, many of them exited. [all the ones who left larger/ thicker shadows] One nurse kept walking past the room I was in. I made clear that “I’m watching you as well" Thankfully, that was the only real glitch, though. Julie kept asking me how I was. Asking if I was comfortable. “Better now?” “Yeah, now that there are fewer people around.” So besides that things went fairly well.

I felt immediate results from the surgery. I feel like I have “more room” in my head. And, for the most part, less stress/ pain in there. Now I do have pain, even now yet, but it doesn’t last as long. I’ve had trouble sleeping [mostly Wed. night to Thurs.]. Thurs. was rather rough. I was breathing & eating from the same place. Ever hold your breath while eating? Yeah, this should be an Olympic sport. I’ve had this during allergy seasons before, but it’s been a while. So, Thanksgiving was a bit hard. But fun. My crazy, wonderful Dad came over. Picked me up, took me to his place, & we ate Turkey & homemade stuffing, had pumpkin roll, cranberry sauce, et al. Then took me home right after. As it took a lot just to eat & breathe. And I not long ago had wonderful “Leftover Casserole” & Hamloaf [earlier today, actually. Tres Manifique].

Sadly, I didn’t get to see my cousins. They’re home from France & it’s still hard to get to see them. My cousins [Julie & Etienne Cavalero] have a little girl, Gabriella [“Gabby”]. This would have been my first chance to see her. I’m kind of in a phase that my niece said quite well while visiting her Grandpa in the hospital a few weeks ago. [That would be Mick’s Dad, for appendix] “I don’t like this. I want it to be over now.” Yeah, that about covers it. I’m with you Payton.

Long about Thurs. to Fri. & most of yesterday, my right eye hurt when I moved it. This seems to be gone now. I also no longer have gauze under my nose. So I don’t really look any different, now. Nor do I look like I had anything done. I’m still not ready to drive. I’m not quite “all there” just yet. I’m hoping to be better before Tues. I have an appointment on Tues. [& gg on Wed.]. It was really awkward to let my friend Jared take my trash to the curb for me, tonight. I’m not allowed to lift till Tues. Tues. [for the next week, 7 days] I’m only allowed to lift about 18 lbs. Ugh. I loath asking for help/ needing help [or feeling helpless/ powerless].

Well, I need to stop for now. [headache] So I’ll post more later…

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[for the curious…]

“Leftover Casserole”

Is, quite simply, made by taking a casserole dish & put:

pieces of turkey all over the bottom

pour on gravy [cover turkey pieces]

put filling on the top

cook/ reheat


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