Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Christmas list, is my list for Thursday

Dearest Lord Jesus,
Thank You for always giving me the very best gifts....
Mick, Mom, Dad, Kevin, deAnn & Dave, Jared & Becky, Gordon, Connie & Greg, Heather & Matt, Joe, Donnie & Heidi, Brian & Becky....

Your love is too much for me.
Thank You, for being with me
for painting the sky on my way home
to keep my mind off of things
for the divine way that I ended up borrowing Dad's iPod
...so I wouldn't miss mine so much
thank you for songs
thank you for the song of my wife
my mother &
my Earthly father's voice
Thank you for the prayers offered up for me today
they fill my house
like the smell of traditional foods
that would be cooking/ baking
in my mother's house on Thanksgiving
Thank you
that I am not alone
you are here
You Jesus, Mick, The thoughts & prayers of many
and Your Great mighty, holy, gracious, & gentle Spirit
which wraps me
in a robe
a robe so close
that it it cannot be seen
because it is under my skin
around my soul

Thank You Father,
for giving Jesus to me...
for forgiving me,
for what I did to him...
for bringing him back to life...
and, thus sharing with me
Your escape route.
thanks for hearing my cries
that there is something wrong with this place
and telling me
That it had a beginning....
"everything that has a beginning
has an end".
Thank You
for not having
a beginning...

Dearest Spirit of the all powerful One,
Thank You that
when I cannot find the words
to say to the Master....
it is because they are in a language that I am incapable of speaking
a secret language
between You & Him
please whisper
in His ear
what my fingers & tongue cannot say
please tell Him
what He already knows
tell Him for me
Kiss each other for me

Your child

[do please help me sleep...
in Your arms, Thanks Dad, for everything...]

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