Thursday, November 6, 2008

an update [sorta]

first, forgive misspelled words/ forgotten punctuation/ or any other anomalies.
I'm typing with one hand. [for those that have known me for a long time: no. the other hand is not missing/ broken/ or sliced open. my sinuses are dripping -leaky faucet all the way. so, tissue to nose -one hand, and "hunt and peck", the other. i am seven shades of happy...yes, add heavy sarcasm]

i went for round 3 of head CT's. now, this time, they gave me the films and a disc! so i can scroll through my own head @ home. [why is it that as i look at this post, it looks like a ransom note??]
as i look at it and extrapolate from what i was told by the ent, it looks like surgery will be inevitable. but i am still praying that i won't have to go through that. and beginning to pray that mick is doing better by then. also beginning to pray for the details if surgery happens.
1st, that they won't have to cut me open.
2nd, that i can go back to work asap. [as i have no vac. time. new jobs tend to have that down side.]
3rd, that mom will be able to take me and bring me home. [or Kevin. who shocked me by mentioning that he might be able to take me if i need him to. i'm very thankful for my church family. who are amazing beyond words.]
4th, is a tricky/painfully honest one. despite this post....
i'm not one to do things like this. tell people that i'm "not well". or ask for help. were you to know my complete story, it would be heartbreakingly obvious why this is. it would be understandable... -not ok, but understandable. i'm trying to "break out" of this practice.

the blog is "bought as is"... how-some-ever, while i am bought -by Jesus, exactly as i am. "warts 'n all"... he loves me as i am... but too much to just leave me here. busted and sharp edged. a "ghost peep" along the side of the road, that no one wants. no. as P. Steve said a few weeks ago. Jesus has come to make all things new. all things... not just some. welcome to one angle, of my all things.

well, i'm off. to quickly update a few people who probably don't read this...
this is a sort of re production of the drawing i did about psalm 147:3
[it's supposed to be a band aide.]
the pic at the top of this post is a photo of my toolbox from my days at york label.
yes, i like phish. is that good or bad?

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