Monday, March 2, 2015

To Write Love On Her Arms Movie

Tomorrow a movie comes out. One I am more than a little interested in.
The movie was filmed a few years ago. It has undergone many name changes [from "Renee" to "Day One"] before being named after the Non Profit organization that was born from the story being told....
It's hard to put into words... why I feel so close to this. Maybe it's because I know people who would do what Jamie Tworkowski, David McKenna, & others did. Maybe it's because I've been fortunate enough to have similar friends in my own life. Who just ... "owned" being my friend in a very deep way. I don't know. Maybe it's knowing people who needed someone like this, & trying to be that someone form them. Maybe it's a combination of all of those...
I remember stumbling onto the organization: To Write Love On Her Arms [TWLOHA] from the end of a music video. [The Way She Feels by Between The Trees] After watching the video & seeing the ending, which had these phrases:
I eventually went to the myspace page. Where I read the story. It hit me so hard.... it never really let go. I watched videos of talks Jamie & Renee gave. There was just something about it all. Something in the way they spoke. What was said. How it was said. Last year, I actually got to meet them. Renee, then Jamie. Which was surreal. [a word I'm using too much lately] They were both very kind. Yet my hand hurt from taking so many notes during their talks. There's so much else to say... maybe I'll find a way to say it all better one day. For now, I count down the hours till this film arrives in my mailbox.
The film is now called: TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS official trailer. 

The thing is love isn't always easy, or painless. I don't know why we hide our pain. I only know what happens when we do. When we hide our pain, we shield ourselves from love. We do this because we feel we don't deserve to be loved. What if... love isn't something we deserve? What if love is something given to us even though & when we don't deserve it? What if our imperfections help others to feel closer to us... because suddenly ...those imperfections are what we have in common.

"I don't think that the perfect life
Is coming through without a scratch
If your inside is worth knowing
Then your outside reads like a map"
Tattoo by The 77's from All Fall Down

Love isn't pretty, it's pretty necessary - me
know that you are loved.....

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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