Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine’s day [reboot?]

I’m thankful for this morning. [No, guys, not for the reason that probably first comes to mind.]
Along with some friends, I got to show love to people. People I only met today. They needed help. We could give that help. To borrow from Jamie Tworkoski [& his story, To Write Love On Her Arms] We got “to play the rescuers. To move for things that matter.” To be the ones to answer the t-shirts:
People need other people.
Wake up, you’re alive. We’re on your side.
I’ve met so many people who say: “Why do you care? Why do you [guys] do this? Why are you still my friend?” The saddest: “I don’t deserve to be loved.” [or “I don’t deserve your love”] None among us deserves to be loved. The details of why are different. I’ve said it before: “we’re all broken. The pattern of the cracks is different for each of us. Yet the depth of the cracks are the same.”
Love wouldn’t be powerful at all… if you deserved it. You don’t. Why else would it mean so very much to us? We really feel loved…& it really knocks us over, speechless. When the one who loves us, knows all the reasons we can think of, why they shouldn’t love us. …and they love us anyway. THAT is the love that makes us reach for the tissues.
We all need help. Sooner or later. Often there is nothing we can really do for those who help us. “Can’t we PAY you?” That would cheapen it, ruin it completely. Love isn’t bought. It costs too much. You can’t afford love…& you’ll die without it.
More than you know…by someone closer than you think. No matter WHO you are. It’s nice…after being on the receiving end, to be on the giving end. The giving end of a beautiful circle. A loving circle.
Being a part of a community of love, is so amazing. If only there were words. It’s nice to be who we were made to be. “…to be the body of Christ coming alive to meet their needs…” [again, from Jamie Tworkoski’s story]
So thankful for LWCC, for my growth group, for my family, for friends [new ones & those who’ve been with me for quite a while].
So…I find it more than a little ironic that we got to do this today. The day after Valentine’s Day. Love cannot be confined to a day, an act, one moment. Love is defined by one day, one act, one moment. It cannot really be measured. We don’t deserve it. It’s so very nice to get what we don’t deserve.

Plumb – Don’t Deserve You [thanks for making this a single, I really like it]

“…there were scars, before my scars. Love written on the hands, that hung the stars. Hope living in the blood, that was spilled, for me…” – from Control, by JJ Heller
Hope you could enjoy Valentine’s Day

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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