Tuesday, February 18, 2014

so many directions

Lets see if I can post briefly here. I'm really being pulled in many directions. I think I slept 2 whole hrs last night. [though part of that was Jimmy Fallon's fault. SO loved watching U2 on The Tonight Show last night. Loved the slow build of Ordinary love live acoustic, & then Jimmy singing behind Bono & Bono inviting Roots to join them at the end.]
I just have too much good stuff going on here. A class I'm taking. Book I'm reading. I've been drawing a bit more lately. Still writing poems like mad. I can barely contain them. Some are branching out from my usual form. I'm really liking this. It's like tapping into a new well. And suddenly I hear a therapist friend telling me again: "you should get together with one of your musician friends & turn one of your poems into a song." Perhaps I will. Just...not this minute.
So here's a new poem.

we have to fight
to feel love
as though
there is an ocean
of stars
between us
there is...
I know [now]
I put them there
are nothing like
the sky
they fakely hide
I shouted
"I have no one"
and the real hurt is
my makeshift veil
a crowd stood
and I can't help
but hear Bono sing:
"...you don't see [us]
you aren't invisible
we see you
please see us
please come on over
join us
be with us
let us be with you
We can't make you
we can only wait
for you
to realize we are not
 a "them"
we can be
an us.
you can be part
of us
[there is no them]
by b.e. noll

May His grace drip from your fingers,

p.s. I'm hoping I can get some of these posts I've been working on finished so I can post them.

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