Monday, September 26, 2011

an ongoing story...

Well, Mom is doing much better. She sat up to eat on Sun. Took a short walk down the hall today. She is changing med.s [slowly off 1 & onto another]. Her platelets are coming up. She's @ 145 & needs to be @ 150. So things are looking good. I'm thankful for all the visitors she's had. All the prayers, for her recovery. She's going to get a blister on her foot looked at tomorrow that's slightly painful. I've been trying to write something... & I'm just not getting it. The words aren't there tonight. Perhaps later it will come. So for now, I guess I'll "let this be it". I'm tired... yet if I may... I'll leave you with a song that seems to stick with me lately. If today was your last day by Nickelback
I really like the line:
"..if today was your last day
& tomorrow was to late
could you say good-bye to yesterday?..."
The video is interesting as well.

Well... I guess I'll sign off for now.
May His grace drip from your fingers,

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