Monday, September 12, 2011

experiencing a Monday

A Monday experience

my new cell rings
it announces that it's Dad
Mom is officially home
"Maybe you could stop by
and see her
but only for a little bit"
my day
a restful harmony
flows under everything
Yahweh has seen fit
to allow me the blessing
of my Mother's safe return
to her home
I stop by
listening to the "sounds of home"
feeling the spirit
that always seems to permeate the house
I hold Mom
remembering this action
from multiple points
in my life
my whole body seems
to exhale
the last few weeks
a long holding of my breathe
waiting for this moment
Dad making arrangements
Always looking out for her
[and me]
No more visiting hours
no more elevators
just 1 ...or 3 steps
depending on which entrance I use
Yet I am thankful
for the army
of prayers,
of support
that has been brought to the surface
through all of this
I'm thankful for a
more normal Monday

Thank You Jesu
for this Monday, especially
B. E. Noll

[My Mother arrived home safe, sound, & slightly tired today. She seems completely herself again. Which is a gift. Thank you for your prayers.
I feel more rested myself... or perhaps the word should be "settled".
Every breathe today, is a whispered thank you to God... a "breathing hug".]

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