Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Mom cried earlier. The nurse asked if she was in pain. No, She's sitting up & not feeling ANY pain what-so-ever. She's overjoyed. She's been sitting in an easy chair for 1.5 hrs. now!!
...she could feel some pain over the next 24 hrs. I'm just so very glad that God has taken care of her. The surgery went well, however, it was to be 1.5 hrs. they started @ about 10:45 & ended @ 1:05. Needed to do more than first thought. But it went extremely well. THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!

Ok. So Flooding wise, my basement is dry -yea! however, many have flooded basements in our area -& they are the blessed ones. As some areas have been evacuated. Tonight on WGAL 8 is the first time, I can remember, hearing that we have States of Emergency. States -plural! New 8 is on in the background. They just rescued some people stranded on the roof of a pick up, that's stuck on a bridge [not that you can see the bridge, mind you]. It's to rain again tomorrow.
...Noah called, the ark is on back order...
Yes, when the going gets tough, the tough... tell jokes. I was re-writing classic rock songs today @ work... "...come float away, come float away, come float away with me..." I'll tell you what "come on & take a free ride" has a WHOLE new meaning here. And the water park is closer than it used to be. The down side, of course, is that I own the "log" I'm riding in the flume ride!!!

well, I must go. It's my wedding anniversary. 15yrs!

take care out there in PA!!!

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