Thursday, September 22, 2011

a harmony poem [at least in title]

2 things to share here...
1. another song:
by Kemper Crabb
from the disc The Vigil

You are my God
And I am your man
And I will worship you
With the works of my hand
And the thoughts of my mind
And the love of my heart

If the world could know
If they could understand
that Ah, the exquisite touch
Of the Creator's hand
Brings a blur to my eye
But makes my vision clear

Ring, rainbow ring
Encircles the throne
Fiery ring of love
Around your throne..."

2. I wrote this early this morning. Thinking on many things. Thankful for the ways God "shows up" in my days....

The Shore of Uncertainty

I am suddenly
onto a lonely beach
waves of doubt
crash over me
I sit here
drenched in doubt
I struggle
to get out
from under
the waves
then suddenly
I wipe my eyes
the waves
I can still hear
still see
they are distant
I have pulled myself away from them
have I?
I suddenly become aware
of another presence
I turn to face Him
that I didn’t pull me away
He did
my “ever present help in time of need”
I sit
next to Him
He holds me
The waves still crash
I still see them
I still hear them
He is closer
calming me
which is every bit as good
as calming the storm
[maybe even better]

b.e. noll

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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Bought as is said...

p.s. Mom is doing fairly well. She has discomfort, but she can move & get settled somewhat. She'll stay in the hospital for the rest of this week & possibly most of next. Then she will have 3 options for rehab. My Earthly father & I are asking our Heavenly One to move her to 1 of the 2 that are the closest, geographically, to our homes. We live close to each other.