Friday, January 1, 2010

a quick poem

a feeble attempt at a "quick poem"

Beginning... beginning again.
[or starting all over, from the middle]

to take down the tree
as I'm beginning a new year
the beginning of a brand new day
the first one of this month
of this year
retracing steps
rethinking steps already taken
rehashing ideas
rethinking plans
should I?
I'd like to...
it would be so nice to...
uh, never again
I'm constantly beginning
and beginning again
this train of life
going around an unexpected bend
"where does this go?"
do I want to know?
should I, though?
as this new year unfolds
I just don't do
plans seem to ensue
I resolve
to never let the dream
of my "true life"

By Brian Eugene Noll
[written hastily in the early moments of New Years Day]

Hope you had a good evening
Hope this year is way better than last

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