Wednesday, January 13, 2010

News of Mother

[not taken this evening...]

ok... I'm really not altogether anywhere. Mom is home now. Mick is talking to me [my wife] in the background, as I listen to Camel's "The Snow Goose" [deluxe ed.] & think of how nice it was that P. Brian [Rice of Leadership Connexions] to stop in to see her. Even though "there was a line" ..."now serving # 487". Thanks Brian, seriously. My day is officially crazy, I feel like I'm talking to myself...[lol].

Well, my mom has an irregular heartbeat. Yep, that's all. They gave many tests. Dad couldn't even talk to her till 10:30! Mick & I had just left to go into the hospital, were cresting the hill, & Dad called me. "Did you get my sandwich yet?" "ahh, no" "Good, they're releasing her now." THAT was about 17:25. 19:12 she finally arrived home. [no, the hospital isn't that far away & Dad didn't bring her home by bobsled.] These things take time. Rome wasn't built in a day [but did it take this long?]. Yeah, I'm tired. And: tired= sarcastic. God was there to greet me morning & night... painting the sky for me. The last few days the sky has been breath taking. The pinkish reds set gingerly on a deep blue this morning. The rolls of reddish pink on a blue gray "goose down sky" to borrow from Over The Rhine.

Well... if I don't get off soon, I'll forget to spell check, & you won't be able to read the rest.
I'll try, again for another poem soon...

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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