Thursday, September 11, 2014

Please... don't go [a poem]

Please... don't go

it can be hard
to stay here
when all you see
is broken
when it all seems
like it's your fault
like everything you touch...
just goes away
when you feel
like your dreams
thumbed a ride
and all you can do
is watch the tail lights dissapear
And all you wanna do
is "go with"
as tempting as it can be
to end your story
please stay here
we need you
your the only you
we'll ever get
No one else can do that job
but you
We need you
we want you
if you don't
life is a gift
please share yours
with us
b.e. noll

"...& be.....
be yourself.
There's no one,
who does it
like you
& be.....
no one else
cause if you don't
then who is going to?
your a tribute to the best of us..."
from "Be" by Kevin Max

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