Thursday, September 11, 2014

more fragments [or what a fractal would look like if it were made with a typewriter]

No One Else Can Play Your Part I just liked this.
Sorry the individual song on my last post has been taken down. [I'm more sorry that it wasn't legally put up. Feel like I should apologize to U2 & UMG, however, I didn't put it up] You can still listen to the album on iTunes, it's still free. Though, I plan on getting a physical copy. I can't say I support a band when I didn't buy their disc. [My Mom thinks it's cool that she has a U2 disc in her iTunes library. I'm probably the only "kid" -I am 43- who's Mom not only prays for his friends...she prays for the bands that move me. At least the ones I tell her about all the time.]
Been wearing my TWLOHA T's this week. Tomorrow will probably be "brown's turn" [if not it'll be: "La Vie Est Belle" which, in English, means "Life Is Beautiful". My Limited Ed. Sevenly & TWLOHA shirt
I'm not sure why, I seem to be attracted to "interesting" movies lately. 
This looks good: YOUR NOT YOU. Heart breaking moment: when the caretaker says "You wanna die, & you know I won't let you." ouch.
Sobering conversation tonight with a friend. He shared that his Mom committed suicide...& his son has talked about it. We've agreed to talk about suicide at some point. Then he said something I... couldn't think of a response to. "Glad you're still here, B." ...what, exactly, do you say to that?
He knows that I came pretty close to it.... [seems like someone I knew, a lifetime ago]

"...there is a light, don't let it go out..." by U2 from: Song for Someone, from the album: Songs of Innocence.

"There is no end to LOVE."
- BONO [from: Bono's note, on U2's website: "Remember us?"]
[not that he's ever gonna be bored enough to read this]
Dear Bono,[Edge, Adam, & Larry]
Remember you... I'll never forget you. Though you don't know me from Adam & Eve's house cat, your songs are: nostalgic, comforting, give me permission to cry [& help me do so], give me permission to scream.... many are like old friends. We have secret stories. They are encouragement letters set to music. Post-it notes to keep me going.

Thanks, take good care of yourselves.
No one else can play your part.
Thanks, for playing your part.

I need to go for now. Get some sleep, so I can try my had at painting "Jackson Pollock style" tomorrow. I know... push your luck much? ALL the time. But, hey...I AM good at it, no?

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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