Monday, May 5, 2014

Pictures [I told a friend I'd do this]

I told a "newer" friend I'd do this sometime. So this is me making good.

For those of you who follow me on facebook, I'll explain. I started at the end & went backwards through my photos. [that's why none of these are on facebook yet] I so very much enjoy hiking, & taking photos. I probably say that too much. Yet there is no way to say it loud enough. My need is very great. This is so healthy for me. Also healthy...
I got through another box of "stuff unavoidably shoved into my basement till I get the chance to go through it" this weekend. Which makes me feel a bit better. I've got a lot of things most of which falls under two opposing lists. Things to start doing.... & things to stop doing. A "stop doing" is having/getting things just to say I "have stuff". I'm moving away from allowing myself to have stuff just so the house doesn't feel empty. I'm trying to streamline stuff. If it has a purpose it can stay...if not, well...maybe it'll have a purpose in someone else's life.
I should go. It is much later than I like to be up.

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