Wednesday, May 14, 2014

You or somebody like you

It all began with a playlist. I've shared some "day" playlists on here. I've got one for Mon. through Fri. Truthfully they are loosely titled something like: Modern Mon's, Prog/Jazzy Tues. [with some jam band "flurishes", mostly Phish & Umphrey's McGee], Truth in song Wed.'s, Nostalgic Thurs., Fri.'s are "us" Fri.'s. [meaning stuff Mick & I like].
Then there are some unique playlists. The first one I posted of was a... not really worship playlist I posted in parts over many Sundays. Though it began as a mix tape in 1990. [titled: GOD... to, from, about, & because of] There was at least one song that fit each of those words/phrases. It was the first of my quite unique mix tapes that have since become playlists. Below is the very next one. I began to pour myself out about the beginnings of it the other night.
After a severe depression. I began to look at the brokenness of us... of me. Which became a playlist called: You or Someone Like You. An honest look at humanness. You won't like every artist listed here. Maybe you'll stop reading this blog. That's ok. In person, as well as on here. I'm just being me. I'm hiding it less. Because hiding who I am is more work than making new friends. Who will love me for me, as I really am. Not only that, I've come to realize that if you keep things from people... who really do love you "as is"... you are hiding their love from yourself. [I see no reason to do this]
It's become boring. [not to mention too much work]
By the way, to understand the title of the playlist. It might be best to imagine me [or yourself] standing in a bathroom, looking into a mirror, & saying the title. That's kind of the place I was mentally coming from when I started this idea...

So, as scary as this seems to me, here it is. a quickly linked set up of that playlist.

I will say again, what I quoted several places: "...I don't know who else to be, more & more I'm secretly just me..." - Goodbye[this is not goodbye], Over the Rhine [from the disc: Films for radio]

you or someone like you
everybodyduck suzie's diet
wishlist by Pearl Jam
Led Zepplin - Nobody's Fault But Mine
King Crimson - Indiscipline
Megadeth - Seven
Megadeth - ecstasy 
Rush - Half the World

Now I have King's X's tune Human Behavior in my head:
"some of crime we find is just human behavior, everybody's in the line"

Well, take care... have a great one

May His grace drip from your fingers,

p.s. I didn't publish the words that fell out as I wrote a longer version of this post because... I'm going to put it into the "book"/story of my life that I'm writing.

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