Tuesday, March 12, 2013

a published work on facebook

Hello all. I have written a rather interesting piece. I did this once before. You can view it here. It was a story/review of U2's No Line on the Horizon disc. This new one came to me last night. I am a fan of the Prog rock band King Crimson. They have a very jazzy approach to prog. There's still a decent symphonic component to their work. Yet I feel like it's largely a jazz/ rock/ metal/ "wall-of-sound" mix. Which still is woefully inaccurate of how they sound. I also tend to see them as Fusion jazz & Prog rock put in a blender. I may post this writing on here sometime. However, for now I'll link to someone else posting it. Inner Knot Records facebook page. It includes, perhaps not every official King Crimson title studio & live recording. Written into a story. The folks at dgmlive.com rather liked it. Which was the sole point of sending it to them. Hope you enjoy it as well.
[Inner Knot Records is an Indie label that began with Robert Fripp & King Crimson's recordings, yet has been steadily branching out.
dgmlive.com is the source of & for all things Robert Fripp & King Crimson.]
This is a "shout out" to these fine folks. And a thank you for posting one of my writings.
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