Sunday, March 31, 2013

The rest of the story...?

I wonder if Saturday was the longest day in history. If Jesus died on Friday, yet wasn't raised till long was Saturday for them? The in between day. The day before the first rays of a new dawn. The dawn of a hope never to be extinguished. Today was great. I began by watching the final few minutes of The Passion of The Christ. I had watched most of it on Fri. I was struck again by the brief scene where Satan is in ...Hell I presume. He was confident in every other scene, except this one. Where his robe is torn, & he is screaming & waving his arms around. Sorry, it would have been fun to watch how this played out for real. Jesus strolling into Hell walking up to Satan & just holding out his hand & saying "Keys". Receiving them & walking out. I have an image in my mind of 2 keys in a hand with a hole in it. The keys have skulls as the part you'd grasp with your fingers. On one is written Death, the other Hades. Just wild. This year I had several images in my head. Jesus carrying a cross that was made of abuse, shame, loneliness, murder, self-injury,... And one of a tombstone... with the word "DEATH" written on it. I imagine someone saying: "You will not be missed." and then  dancing away.

Rich Mullins - Nothing is Beyond you
Neal Morse - The Temple of the living God [reprise]

today we celebrate
your rising
& coming out of the tomb
The beginning of you
making all things new
to live in our hearts
in my heart
You lived without sin
you died carrying every single one
you did not have to die
you chose to
you chose to be
the last blood sacrifice
the greatest sacrifice
for us
for me
I cannot fathom this
you chose me
you give me value
when so much in my life stole value from me
you gave me value
What can be said?
how do we wrap our minds around such love?
I get to live with you
and you did all the work
to make it possible
I could not climb the mountain to God
to you
and you could not wait for me
so you climbed down
live with me
one day
you will gather me into your arms
and carry me up the mountain
Thank you

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