Friday, May 29, 2009

Mulching [pt 2] there you have it. My new stylin' deckish thing. It feels inviting [as apposed to tolerated, like before.] I'm pretty pleased with it [as you can tell]. A part of a "grander scheme", that I'm working toward.
Well, back to it then.

I'll leave you with another older poem.


Your touch

Your walk

Your fingerprint

Your voice

…are all unique

To you.

One may attempt to imitate it

But somehow can never copy

You, not completely

Not the way you


Or speak

Not the way

You construct sentences

Link thoughts together

…or create art

No one can copy

The way you communicate

With the maker of all things

Why… then

Do we struggle

With who we are?

Why do we

[some of us, anyway]


To let the real “me”

Come out & “play”?

To let the real me


“but they will laugh at me”

[at least you had guts to put yourself out there]

Maybe they will laugh…

…maybe their laughter

Is their way of hiding the tears

…of their own feelings

Of inadequacy

To hide the fact

That they are jealous

That you had the courage to try

And they… did not.

You gave it a shot

[and they did, squat]

You are unique

Each human


A Sculpture of God.

“The Art of The Almighty”


[I know, because I am chief

Among those who are like this]


It is easy to say such things…

As long…

As I’m not…

Looking in a mirror.

But before you hang your head for me…

I have many…

Who just keep on saying

That I

Am art, too.

That I make art

That I am an artist

That I am unique

In a good way, too.


I am feeling

Ok to be alive

Maybe I am an artist


He can use my art

… to save us both]


Anonymous said...

it looks really nice.
i like swings.

Bought as is said...

What's funny is, my wife really wanted the swing. I was "on the fence". Till, my Dad helped me get this set up... now I LOVE it.