Monday, June 1, 2009

A blog post from a video I wish I could post here.

This Sunday [for the second time] LW aired a video that is really powerful.

…it is so not worth trying to share it with you as a “script”. In a few days they’ll put up the Sunday morning talk on the website here. You can at least hear it. What follows is pieces of several written “things”, based on the statements she makes. Statements that many of us make about our worthiness of being loved/forgiven/cared for.

[her statements are written first, the bold parts are my responses]
“I don’t deserve your love”
“that’s not why I give it to you”

“…but, you can’t love this
“watch me”
“…but, I’m broken…”
“…then I will love the pieces”
You don’t know what I’ve done…
But I know what He did
You don’t know where I’ve been
Thank God you left.
You don’t know what’s been done to me
“No. But I know what's been done for you...
…but if you must share it
While it may break my heart…
I …WILL listen to you tell me.
[and I will cry with you, so you don’t do it alone.
…and I will cry for you… if you can’t]

This video makes you cry. Because ...he doesn't give up. He has every right, every reason to... but... he... doesn't.
It is "so Jesus" it hurts. It hurts out loud.

It answers a Nickelback song. "say it for me, say it to me. And I'll leave this life behind me. say it, if it's worth savin' me..."

[for L.L.'s challenge]

i am

i am broken
...but still wanted
i am used
...but being repaired
i am
not as lost as I once was
...but more lost than I want to be
i am
still part of the story
[even though I'm not sure how]
i am
still healing
i am
still a friend
even though some may question why
-may even say I shouldn't be
i am learning to forgive
whether anyone likes it or not
[including me sometimes]
i am
bought "as is"
but not left as is
i am
i am
learning to go left
i am
more than I thought I was
i am
happier now
than I used to be
i am
not ok
[but one day...
I'll be nothing but ok]
i am
a work in progress
i am
being restored
by The Artist
though I don't always feel worth it
He says
i am


L.L. Barkat said...

Liked the ending. It sneaked up on me...

"though I don't always feel worth it
He says
i am"

Bought as is said...

yeah, it just kinda fell into place as I was writing it.

Claire said...

you have managed to capture exactly where i am today.

Anonymous said...

i like that last bit too.

He says
i am

Laura said...

this had me thinking what I am.


I also loved that end part.